Specialty chemicals

Expertise and innovation in tailor-made
chemical formulations.

French design and manufacture of chemical products, specialising in soaps, detergents and multi-purpose fats for industrial applications.


Treatment of corks

Solutions comprising anti-mould agents and food-grade lubricants, improving the conservation and use of cork stoppers.

Solutions for public works

Lubricating pastes for pipes and additives for road surfaces, enhancing the durability and resistance of infrastructures.

Detergent & soap chemical solutions

A range of detergents and soaps for industrial cleaning, combining effectiveness, respect for the environment and adaptability.

Chemical specialities in textiles and leather

Solutions for treating, finishing and dyeing textiles and leather, improving quality, durability and aesthetics.

Expertise and innovation in tailor-made chemical formulations

Development of customised chemical solutions for a range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to paints and agrochemicals.


Production capacity
& Infrastructure
for Chemicals

Steverlynck’s research and development (R&D) laboratory is a leading centre of innovation, specially equipped for the design of tailor-made chemical products. Complemented by a modern packaging unit, our laboratory guarantees unrivalled precision and quality in the preparation and packaging of chemical products. Our storage facilities are meticulously optimised for the conservation and safety of chemical products, with thermostatically-controlled and insulated outdoor storage tanks, ensuring rigorous management of the safety and conservation of chemical substances.


Infrastructure & Facilities

10000 m2

Located in an industrial zone a few kilometres from the Lille metropolitan area

Customers & Partners


Who have placed their trust in us for various projects in the field of industrial chemistry

Annual production volume

4000 t

Total quantity of chemical products manufactured in one year.

Methodical manufacturing process
of industrial chemical products



During the design phase, Steverlynck assesses the chemical properties required and determines the optimum components for each product. This stage involves rigorous testing and analysis of chemical interactions to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the formulations.



Manufacturing takes place in automated facilities where raw materials are mixed, processed and transformed into finished products. This phase follows strict protocols to ensure the consistency and quality of each batch produced.



Packaging is carried out according to product specifications, using adapted packaging to maintain product stability and durability. Filling, labeling and sealing systems are tightly controlled for maximum precision and conformity.



Logistics include inventory management, shipment planning and coordination with carriers. Steverlynck uses advanced tracking systems to ensure efficient distribution and on-time delivery.

Contract manufacturing

& Development

Steverlynck’s research and development division is dedicated to to the development of tailor-made chemical products that meet the specific to the specific requirements of each customer.

Quality & Regulations

Superior quality and regulatory
of chemical products

At Steverlynck, we combine regulatory compliance with an unwavering commitment to chemical quality. Each product is developed in meticulous compliance with the most stringent regulatory standards, ensuring safety and reliability. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, from the rigorous selection of raw materials through to final quality control. Our rigorous approach ensures not only compliance with current regulations but also full customer satisfaction.

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Since 1858, Steverlynck has been a major player in industrial chemicals, specialising in the production of soaps, detergents, degreasers and lubricants for a wide range of industries. Facilities in France handle the formulation, mass production and packaging of industrial chemicals. Expertise covers industrial chemistry, chemical production, chemical packaging, and chemical manufacturing for sectors such as the leather industry, metallurgy, automotive, industrial manufacturing, and many others. The research and development laboratory in France is at the heart of constant innovation. To find out more about our industrial chemical solutions, chemical production and chemical packaging, please contact us.

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