At the Crossroads of History
and Innovation
Steverlynck, a Company
since 1847

Founded in 1847, Steverlynck is a family business that has been rooted in Flanders for five generations.
Originally, it manufactured chemical products for the textile industry, including soaps, detergents and high-quality fats.

Today, Steverlynck has evolved and diversified its activities to cover several fields. As evidence of its commitment to evolve while maintaining rigour and constant production quality, it has expanded beyond textile chemistry. Its skills are now applied to a variety of sectors, including the leather industry, water treatment, automotive fats, and many others.

The founder and his family

Florentin Steverlynck, an immigrant who arrived in Lille in 1818, started the business by establishing a grain and oil trade, as well as a factory producing soft soap and azure blue for use in laundry. He became a French citizen in 1823. Over time, his business prospered, and he had thirteen children. The management of the soap factory was handed over to his son, Henri, in 1851, marking the beginning of a six-generation family tradition.

Production at the soap factory

The company began by manufacturing soaps used to clean natural textile fibres such as wool, cotton and linen at various stages of their industrial processing. It then diversified into lubrication products. This diversification touched on a number of sectors, including textiles, with special products for bleaching lace, heat-protection of sewing thread for garment makers, and even the creation of an aerosol product to obtain a permanent crease on woollen trousers.

The company also turned its attention to public works, developing equipment for laying heavy-gauge cement pipes and manufacturing a special lubricant to facilitate the insertion of high-voltage submarine electricity cables into their plastic sheaths. Another original activity consisted of treating corks with a silicone emulsion, which earned the company the loyalty of Spanish Champagne cork manufacturers.

The plant environment

The Steverlynck soap factory has long been located along the “drêve Deschodt”, marking the border between Esquermes and Wazemmes. From 1844 onwards, major spinning mills were established in this area, contributing to the industrial development of the district. In the 1960s, these factories were demolished to make way for the construction of residences such as Cormontaigne, Gambetta-Leclerc, L’Arbonnoise and Pardaillan.

Today, the Steverlynck soap factory itself is giving way to four small residences built by the developer Kaufman & Broad. The architectural project preserves elements of the town’s industrial past, in particular the chimney and the red brick arches of the former workshops. The old facade unit, located at the entrance to rue d’Esquermes in line with rue Gambetta, has also been preserved, demonstrating the desire to preserve the historic heritage while incorporating modernity.

Treatment of corks

Solutions comprising anti-mould agents and food-grade lubricants, improving the conservation and use of cork stoppers.

Solutions for public works

Lubricating pastes for pipes and additives for road surfaces, enhancing the durability and resistance of infrastructures.

Detergent & soap chemical solutions

A range of detergents and soaps for industrial cleaning, combining effectiveness, respect for the environment and adaptability.

Chemical specialities in textiles and leather

Solutions for treating, finishing and dyeing textiles and leather, improving quality, durability and aesthetics.

Expertise and innovation in tailor-made chemical formulations

Development of customised chemical solutions for a range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to paints and agrochemicals.

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Since 1858, Steverlynck has been recognised as a major player in industrial chemistry. Specialising in the formulation, production and packaging of a range of chemical products, the company offers diversified expertise covering several industrial sectors, such as the leather industry, metallurgy, the automotive industry and many others. The research and development laboratory in France is at the heart of the company’s commitment to constant innovation in the field of industrial chemistry.

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