Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing
& detergents

Tailor-made soaps and fats
Range Stevisoap
Liquid soap for cleaning products

The STEVISOAP range offers a customisable liquid soap base designed specifically for the creation of bespoke cleaning products. This liquid soap base is ideal for those looking to formulate cleaning solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether for domestic, professional or industrial applications, the STEVISOAP range provides a reliable, high quality base for the formulation of bespoke liquid soaps.

Range Stevisurf
Fats for soap production

The STEVISURF range offers a selection of made-to-measure fats, perfectly suited to the manufacture of personalised soaps. These fats are formulated to provide a blank canvas for creating unique, high quality soaps. The STEVISURF range gives the flexibility to formulate soaps that perfectly match the specifications and vision of the company or industry.

Custom Formulation
Management of reserves and warehousing

The custom formulation service creates bespoke liquid soaps for custom cleaning products. Whether it’s specific formulations for domestic, industrial or institutional cleaning, this service works closely with the customer to develop solutions that meet their exact needs. The aim is to transform and conceptualise ideas into distinctive, effective cleaning products that meet the customer’s constraints.


Collaboration and technical support with customers

Steverlynck emphasizes active collaboration with its customers, offering targeted technical support and adaptability to diverse demands. This approach aligns Steverlynck’s solutions with the concrete needs of its partners.


Custom Product Design

Product customisation is a priority. Each formulation is adapted to meet the specific requirements of customers, offering solutions that correspond directly to their needs.


Innovation in response to changing customer expectations

Product customisation is a priority. Each formulation is adapted to meet the specific requirements of customers, offering solutions that correspond directly to their needs.


Commitment to Constant Quality Monitoring

Steverlynck’s emphasis on quality monitoring reflects its commitment to maintaining high standards. Through continuous monitoring and systematic evaluation, the company aims to ensure the conformity and reliability of its products.
of its products.

Treatment of corks

Solutions comprising anti-mould agents and food-grade lubricants, improving the conservation and use of cork stoppers.

Solutions for public works

Lubricating pastes for pipes and additives for road surfaces, enhancing the durability and resistance of infrastructures.

Detergent & soap chemical solutions

A range of detergents and soaps for industrial cleaning, combining effectiveness, respect for the environment and adaptability.

Chemical specialities in textiles and leather

Solutions for treating, finishing and dyeing textiles and leather, improving quality, durability and aesthetics.

Expertise and innovation in tailor-made chemical formulations

Development of customised chemical solutions for a range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to paints and agrochemicals.

French industrial chemicals tailored to your needs
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Steverlynck’s team of experts offers customised chemical solutions to meet the specific needs of professionals for every industrial application. Thanks to their expertise and capacity for innovation, they develop tailor-made formulations that guarantee optimum performance.

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