Research, expertise
and commitment

Chemistry laboratory

Steverlynck’s research and development laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest technology and scientific instruments to carry out our work in creating and improving industrial chemicals. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes UV-Visible spectrophotometers for spectral analysis, liquid and gas chromatographs for chemical analysis, and laboratory reactors of various sizes for chemical synthesis.

Within our laboratory, a multidisciplinary team of chemists, researchers and engineers work in close collaboration. Their combined expertise in areas such as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical formulation and cutting-edge research is essential for designing high-quality industrial chemical products.

Packaging line
Industrial packaging line industrial

Our packaging production line is an example of functionality and precision. It is equipped with a variety of specialised equipment and machinery designed to ensure reliable, high-quality packaging of chemical products.

At the heart of the line are automatic filling machines that measure the exact quantity of chemical to be packaged with exceptional precision. These machines are programmed to ensure that each container, whether cans, drums or other types of packaging, receives the precise amount of product.

Once the chemicals are packaged and labelled, our sealing system takes over to ensure that each container is hermetically sealed, preserving the integrity of the chemicals and preventing any leakage or contamination.

Storage warehouse
Management of and warehousing

Steverlynck’s storage and warehouse system is designed to ensure safe and efficient operations. The facilities provide an organised and orderly space for the storage of industrial chemicals.

Within the storage system are shelves, racks and storage areas specifically designed to accommodate a variety of containers, whether drums, drums or other types of packaging. Each product is accurately labelled and identified to enable rapid location and precise stock management.

The temperature and humidity of the warehouse are carefully controlled to preserve the quality of the chemical products. Employee safety and the protection of stored products are priorities, and strict safety procedures are in place to ensure a safe working environment.

Methodical manufacturing process
of industrial chemical products



During the design phase, Steverlynck assesses the chemical properties required and determines the optimum components for each product. This stage involves rigorous testing and analysis of chemical interactions to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the formulations.



Manufacturing takes place in automated facilities where raw materials are mixed, processed and transformed into finished products. This phase follows strict protocols to ensure the consistency and quality of each batch produced.



Packaging is carried out according to product specifications, using adapted packaging to maintain product stability and durability. Filling, labeling and sealing systems are tightly controlled for maximum precision and conformity.



Logistics include inventory management, shipment planning and coordination with carriers. Steverlynck uses advanced tracking systems to ensure efficient distribution and on-time delivery.

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